Developer's Collection of Open Source File Format APIs

Read, Write, Convert & Manipulate files from Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, PDF, 3D, CAD, and many other popular categories.


Word Processing File Format APIs Allow programmers to load, create and modify Microsoft Word files from within Java & PHP applications.


Spreadsheet File Format APIs Load, create and modify Microsoft Excel files with the help of Java & PHP based open source libraries.


Presentation File Format APIs Open-source libraries to load, create and modify Microsoft PowerPoint files using Java and PHP programming languages.


PDF File Format APIs Allow developers to read, create or edit PDF files using Java programming language.

Free PDF APIs for .NET Free PDF APIs for Java Free PDF APIs for C++ Free PDF APIs for PHPFree PDF APIs for JavaScriptFree PDF APIs for Python

Email File Format APIs Load & process Microsoft Outlook files using .NET & Java-based open source libraries.

Free Email APIs for .NET Free Email APIs for Java Free Email APIs for Python

Diagram File Format APIs Load, create or modify Microsoft Visio files from within Java and PHP applications.


3D File Format APIs Read, write, edit, & process 3D files using C++-based open source libraries.


Compression File Format APIs Open source .NET library for working with popular compression file formats like RAR, 7ZIP, ZIP, TAR & more.


Image Processing File Format APIs Open source image processing libraries for working with popular imaging file formats like PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF & more.