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C++ API for 3D Data Processing & Rendering

A stable free C++ Library that provides support for 3D Modeling, Geometry Processing, and Rendering inside C++ applications.

Easy3D is an open source pure C++ 3D processing library that allows software developers to create apps for 3D modeling generation and rendering. The library is very easy to use and produces efficient results. It has included support for several techniques for processing and rendering 3D data such as shadow, eye-dome lighting, ambient occlusion, transparency, and many more. The Easy3D was developed for research and educational purposes but can also be used for building high-quality 3D applications.

The Easy3D library has included rendering support related to 3D drawables such as points, lines, triangles, and thus point clouds, mesh surfaces, scalar fields, and vector fields with just a couple of lines of C++ code. Moreover, it also included support for several important features for mesh curvature, simplification, smoothing, fairing, remeshing, hole filling, subdivision, and many more.

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Getting Started with Easy3D

The easiest way to install Easy3D is using GitHub.Please use the following command for a successful installation. 

Install Easy3D via GitHub

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/LiangliangNan/Easy3D.git 

You can also install Easy3D using to CMake. Please use CMake to generate project files for your IDE. Then load the project to your IDE and build.

Text Rendering using C++ API

The open source Easy3D library has provided support for rendering text inside their C++ application with ease. You can easily render strings using Easy3D with just a couple of commands. It allows to increase or decrease font size, manage character spacing, control line spacing, control left or center or right-align the multi-line text, enable or disable kerning, switch the origin between 'upper left' and 'bottom left, and much more.

Transparency Support via C++ API

The open source Easy3D library gives software developers the capability to apply different transparency techniques inside their C++ apps. Easy3D is a very efficient C++ library for processing and rendering 3D data. You can easily Load a mesh model and switch between different transparency techniques or turn on and off it. You can also increase or decrease the transparency of the current model with ease. You can also render a surface mesh with transparency technique like average color blending and dual depth peeling.

Create Drawables & Visualize 3D Data

The Easy3D library has provided functionality for creating and visualizing drawables without associating them with any 3D models. The drawables are usually created for rendering 3D models or loaded from files. The Easy3D library has included support for visualizing 3D data without explicitly defining a model or you can generate it for a specific rendering purpose or use the viewer to visualize the drawable. Please remember that you need to create a viewer before creating any drawables.