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C++ Library for 3D Manufacturing File Formats

Open Source C++ APIs for reading, writing and converting 3MFs to STL file formats.

Lib3MF is an open source C++ library that enables software developers to read, write and convert 3MF file formats. Lib3mf is an open source project supported by the 3MF Consortium. 3MF consortium is the Joint Development Foundation Project for creating the new file standard of 3D Printing. It works to promote, distribute, and maintain the open source 3D printing format 3MF. They have put great efforts to keep their platform-independent as far as possible.

It’s recommended to adopt the 3MF file format as it going to be a universal 3D printing standard. Lib3MF API helps users in adoption by providing easy access and keeping integration costs at a minimum. You can use lib3mf API on Windows, Linux, and macOS with very few external dependencies.

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Getting Started with Lib3MF

First of all, you need to have the pre-compiled binary SDK of lib3mf. You can download the compiled shared library as part of a minimal SDK from the official releases, or github repository.

This SDK package contains several examples. Once you download and extract the SDK, you can work on the examples. From there, you should be able to include lib3mf in your host application or service.

C++ Library to Read & Write 3D Manufacturing File Format

Lib3MF has provided a set of features that enables software developers to read as well as write 3MF files. 3MF file format is an XML-based data format that comes as a single package same like a zip file containing information about mesh, texture colors, and other information. Lib3MF enables developers to retrieve and modify all the important information about the model elements, thumbnail images, meshes, metadata, and other details. You can also create an empty 3MF document and add custom geometry to it.

Convert 3MFs to STL File Format using C++ Library

Lib3MF enables software developers to convert 3D Manufacturing (3MF) files to other supported formats such as STL, PNG, JPG, etc. inside their own C++ applications. To convert 3MFs to STL File Formats, first you need to import a 3D model from a 3MF file, then creates a new file name and export the model to STL file format. Some 3MFs conversion examples are also part of SDK.