Open Source Java Library for Working with 3D Charts

3D Java library that allows drawing 3D Charts and scientific data. It supports various chart types like surface, bar and scatter charts as well as other chart families

Jzy3d is an open source Java plotting library that gives software developers the capability to create apps that can draw charts and 3d scientific data with just a couple of lines of Java code. The library supports several important features related to surfaces, scatter plots, bar charts, and a lot of other 3d primitives.

The API is stable and can be easily integrated into any commercial or personal projects. It supports several important charts types such as surface charts, bar charts, scatter charts, 2D & 3D graphs charts, rich chart options, primitive types like spheres, triangles, polygons, and so on.

The library has a flexible layout to ease chart layout settings such as color bars, contour functions, tooltips, lights, color mappers support for coloring objects, background images, 2D post renderers, and more. It allows easy integration of chart in AWT, Swing, and SWT applications. Several advanced features like 2D envelopes, dual depth peeling, 3D line strip interpolation to smooth paths, mouse interaction with objects, thread controllers and animation are also available.

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Getting Started with Jzy3d

The easiest way to install Jzy3d is by using GitHub. Use the following command for a smooth installation.

Install Jzy3d via GitHub

git clone --depth=1 https://github.com/jzy3d/jzy3d-api.git 

Draw Surface Chart via Java

The open source Jzy3d library gives software developers the ability to draw surface charts using Java commands. First of all, define the range for the function to plot the chart, then create the object to represent the function over the given range. Lastly, draw simple surface, big surface, delaunay tesselation, no wire-frame surface, and more.

Create 3D Polar Charts

The Jzy3d library gives the power to create 3D Polar Charts with ease. Set the values for the chart as a dedicated polar dataset allows to operate on the coordinates. It also allows to define chart title, dataset for chart, chart legend, tooltips as well as URLs.

Build and Manage 3D Charts via Java

The Jzy3d library allows to build and manage 3D charts. It's Logarithm Toolbox can be helpful in drawing 3D charts with log scales. It provides dedicated axis, views, ordering strategies, and color-maps suitable for clean logarithmic charts.

Edit Surface Mesh via Java

The Jzy3d library provides the ability to edit surface meshes via Java code. The library has provided SDK that supports interactive surface editor which enables users to model a surface by grabbing its mesh points with the mouse or a track-pad. The surface is presented in an Excel-like table that is synchronized with the drawing.