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Open Source C++ Library for Audio Synthesis & Signal Processing

Free C++ API that allows software developers to auto-play, record, mix, apply filters & Convert their Audio files. It is cross-platform compatible and provides support for client-side browser-based applications.

Maximilian is a powerful creative C++ audio synthesis and signal processing library that allows software developers to create their own applications for handling and processing audio and music files. The library is open source and is available under the MIT license with minimal dependencies. The library is cross-platform compatible and supports native implementations for MacOS, Windows, Linux, and iOS systems. It also provides support for client-side browser-based applications.

The aim behind building the library was that other available C++ libraries were difficult to handle, over-engineered, restrictive licensing, and have many other dependencies. Keep all that in mind Maximilian was designed to be very simple to learn but yet very powerful and can be easily integrated with other creative toolkits, open frameworks, and best of all is free available.

The API has a very simple syntax and can be used by those who have less expertise with a textual programming language as well as expert-level programmers who want to develop high-level audio applications quickly on multiple platforms. The library has included support for several important features such as playing audio files, recording, and looping support, managing WAV and OGG files, oscillators and filters selection, multichannel mixing, applying sound effects, granular synthesis, enveloping, advanced filter support, and many more.

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Getting Started with Maximilian

Please use the following command for a complete installation.

Install NAudio from NuGet

 git clone https://github.com/micknoise/Maximilian.git

Compress & Mix Audio Files using C++ API

The open source library Maximilian enables software developers to compress the audio files inside their own apps using C++ commands.  The library facilitates developers to real-time compress their files with just a couple of lines of code.  You can also easily mix audio sound inside your C++ applications. You need to specify the input to be mixed like the stereo, quad, etc. Please remember to specify the outputs explicitly.

Audio & Music Recording via C++ API

The open source library Maximilian gives software developers the capability to record their generated audio sounds inside their C++ applications. To save a file on a specific location you need to provide an absolute file path for windows and mac operating systems. Please remember to use double '\' characters because they count as an escape which will nullify any path you write.

Manage Filters using C++ API

The Maximilian library has provided support for creating and applying filters inside their own C++ applications. The library has provided multiple options for oscillators and filters. There are various types of filters supported in Maximilian, including low and high pass filters, resonant filters, and a state variable filter. You can easily create your own filters and integrated it with the library.