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Open Source JavaScript API for All Audio Needs

Free JavaScript library that provides support for playing audio files from standard formats, automatic caching, embedding with custom players, supports all major codecs, and much more.

The howler.js is a very easy to use and powerful library that enables software developers to work with audio files inside their own JavaScript apps. It is a single stable library that can be used to fulfill all your audio needs and can be used on all major platforms. One great feature is that it provides support for all codecs for full cross-browser compatibility. It is a pure audio library that has provided support for a wide range of file formats such as MP3, OGG, WAV, AAC, CAF, M4A, MP4, WEBA, FLAC, and many more.

The Library is open source and is freely available under the MIT License for public use.  It can easily fulfill the majority of your audio needs. Howler.js falls back to HTML5 Audio and is tested in all the major browsers such as Google Chrome 7.0+, Internet Explorer 9.0+, Firefox 4.0+, Safari 5.1.4+, Mobile Safari 6.0+, Opera 12.0+, and Microsoft Edge.

The library is very reliable and has included support for several important features related to handling audio files, such as playing audio files from standard formats, automatic caching, embedding with custom players, supports all major codecs, control sounds individually and in the groups, playback of multiple sounds, full control for fading or rate & volume, looping background music and so on.

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Getting Started with howler.js 

Please use the following command for the complete installation.

Install howler.js using PyPI

 git clone https://github.com/goldfire/howler.js.git 

You can also install it using NPM; Please use the following command for the complete installation

Install howler.js using NPM

 npm install howler 

Play MP3 & Control Multiple Sounds via JavaScript

The open source JavaScript library howler.js has provided support for playing MP3 as well as other popular Audio file formats using JavaScript commands. It is also possible to control multiple sounds at the same time inside JavaScript apps. You can easily control a specific sound by assigning a sound ID to it. For example, you can increase the volume of a sound, fade it out or increase its speed. It is also to automatically download an entire audio file or reload it using metadata and auto-play playback when sound is loaded.

Load & Play Audio File simultaneously using JavaScript

The howler.js library allows software professionals to programmatically load and play audio files simultaneously inside their JavaScript applications. As the howler.js defaults to Web Audio API, which means a full audio file must be downloaded before beginning playback. It is also possible to force HTML5 Audio; it will begin playing as soon as it is able, even if the full file has downloaded.

Create Audio Player using JavaScript API

The open source JavaScript library howler.js enables software programmers to construct a basic audio player with ease. The library provides several features such as view playlist support, play, pause, next, previous, volume controls, and many more. You can use options like full-screen and display playback progress in real-time.