Free .NET Library to Handle Metadata of Audio Documents

Read & Write Metadata of Audio File Format.

Taglib-Sharp is an open source API developed for reading and writing metadata in audio file formats. Using the API, you can read & write standard tags of audio file format and can also create and extract metadata of custom tags. The API is designed to extract any format, any container the audio file format is using.

TagLib-Sharp in free software released under the LGPL. The developer can create their own metadata extraction & creation applications using the API. Futhermore, the API allows them to work with wide range of audio file formats for metadata manipulation.

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Getting Started with Taglib-Sharp

The best way to install to install Taglib-Sharp is via NuGet. Run the following command and install Taglib-Sharp in you application.

Install Taglib-Sharp from NuGet

 Install-Package Taglib-Sharp

Extract Metadata Tags from Audio via Free .NET API

Taglib-Sharp allows .NET programmers extract metadata tags from audio file formats easily. You can extract tag regardless of container of format of the tag. In order to extract metadata tag, first you need to load audio file using TagLib.File.Create() method and read tag e.g Title using TagFile.Tag.Title property.

Free C# API to Write Audio Metadata Tags

The open source API TagLib-Sharp allows .NET developers to write standard as well as custom metadata tags in audio file formats. In order to write you can read an audio file using TagLib.File.Create() method and new tag value using Tag.Tile property.