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CAD File Format APIs for JavaScript


Open Source JavaScript APIs to Create & Convert CAD Drawings

Read, Write, Edit, Manipulate, Render and Convert Popular AutoCAD Drawing File Formats like DWG, DXF, DXFB & many other via Leading Open Source JavaScript Libraries and APIs.

It is highly desired to be able to handle and manipulate both simple and complicated diagram forms, such as those produced by Microsoft Visio. When it comes to building applications that interface with Visio files, software developers have a reliable and adaptable option in open source JavaScript CAD APIs. Because JavaScript is the web's programming language, it is ideal for creating web apps that let users view, edit, and create Visio diagrams in a web browser. These APIs offer full support for developing and administering robust web-based diagramming applications that allow programmatic interaction with CAD files and diagram formats. With a few lines of code and no other dependencies, software developers may produce beautiful 2D and 3D designs. If you need to render, edit, convert, or automate tasks for Visio diagrams, these APIs offer the features and flexibility you need to create strong and effective solutions.