C API for Compression File Formats & zip archive

Open Source C Library to Create, Edit, Extract or Delete files fron ZIP Archives. 

The open source portable ZIP library is written in C language that enables software developers to create and modify the ZIP archive. The library is written on top of the miniz library and layering functions on top of the miniz v1.15 API. The interface of the library is extremely simple and that’s why there will be no problems for users to understand it. Several advanced ZIP compression and extraction-related features are fully supported by the library, such as creating a new ZIP archive with default compression level, appending to the existing ZIP archive, extracting the ZIP archive into a folder, extracting a ZIP entry into memory, extracting a ZIP entry into a file, list of all zip, extract an archive to a specific directory & many more.

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Getting Started with zip

It is recommended to build the library, via CMake. Please use the following command to Compile zip library.

Compile zip library as a dynamic library

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake -DBUILD_SHARED_LIBS=true ..
$ make

Generate New Archive via C Library

The zip library provides software developers the capability to generate a new zip archive with default compression level inside their own applications. It also allows to modify an existing zip archive with ease. You can easily add new files or can select and extract a file to the location of your choice.  To add a file to archive users requires specifying the name of the file as well as providing the complete path.

Extracting Content from ZIP Archive

The open source zip library allows programmers to easily extract the contents of an archive into a folder with just a couple of C commands. It provides functionality for either extracting everything inside the archive or just some specific files. For best results please always provide a complete path of the file inside the archive in order to extract it.

More Control over ZIP Archive

The zip library provides several important features for better control over the contents of a ZIP archive. Several methods and properties are available that can help users to get complete information about the archive before extracting its contents. It supports features like count the number of files in an archive, iterate through all the files in an archive, extracts only selected files, removing files from an archive and many more.