C API for Compression & Decompression of Data Files

Open Source C Data Compression Library to Create Archiver that enables Programmers to Compress and Decompress your Data Files.

The zlib open source free data compression C library enables computer programmers to create an archiver for working with compression file formats inside their own applications. It is a lossless data-compression library for use on virtually any computer hardware and operating system. The great thing is that the zlib data format is itself portable across platforms.

The zlib library is stable, portable, and free. The Zlib engine uses a simple API that mechanizes the compression and decompression of your files. The library uses virtual functions that allow users to customize their user interface to zlib. zlib is also a crucial component of many software platforms, including Linux, macOS, and iOS. The library offers facilities for controlling the processor and memory usage.

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Getting Started with zlib

To run your project using zlib, you need to download the repository from GitHub. Use the following command to install it.

Here is the command

 git clone https://github.com/madler/zlib.git

Compressing a String of Data

zlib provides the functionally for compressing string of data inside your own applications. It allows to compresses the given input data to the given destination directory or file. The zlib library provides us with the compress function, which can be used to compress a string of data. It requires two arguments for data that need to be compressed and a parameter for the level of compression.

Saving Compressed Data to a File

The open source zlib library provides us with a handy set of functions for file compression. It facilitates users and applications to save the compressed data into a file or disk space and use it later. You need to provide the data as well as the name of the file for saving the compressed data. After saving the compressed data you can later view and use that data according to your needs.

Decompressing a String of Data & File Data

The open source zlib library also facilitates users and archiver's applications to decompress a String of Data inside their own apps. Some useful sets of functions are provided for this purpose. You can easily decompress a compressed string of data using the decompress function. It also supports decompressing large data streams as well as compressed data contained in a file.