Open Source Java Compression & Archiving Library

Generate & Extract ZIP, TAR, and GZIP Archives via Open Source Free Java API

Jarchivelib is an open source Java library that allows developers to handle zip archives inside their own applications. It a simple archiving and compression library that automatically generate ZIP, TAR.gz, TAR.bz2, and TAR archives.

Jarchivelib supports several important features such as creating ZIP archive using all the available files in a directory, create password-protected ZIP files, extract ZIP file contents to a directory and many more.

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Getting Started with Jarchivelib

To run your project using Jarchivelib, firs of all you need to Java 7 & above. You can manually download the repository from GitHub. Use the following command to install it.

Install via Git command

 git clone 

Jarchivelib Maven Dependency


Compress and Decompress Files via Java Library

Jarchivelib provides the functionally for compressing and decompressing files inside Java applications. It allows to compresses the given input file to the given destination directory or file. It requires the source to be a readable File, and the destination to be either a file or a directory. The API also supports decompressing the given source file to the given destination directory or file.

Create a New ZIP Archives using Java

Jarchivelib enables software developers to create a new Archive to handle zip archives inside their own Java applications. If the File has a composite file extension such as".tar.gz", the created Archive will also handle".gz" compression. Developers can omit the filename extension in the archive name, as it will be appended by the Archive automatically if it is missing. Developers can also create a new tar archive with gzip compression that can contain the entire directory.