Open Source JavaScript Library for Compression Files 

Programmatically Create, Modify & Manipulate ZIP Files using Few Lines of Code via JavaScript API.

An Open Source very simple and stable JavaScript library that gives software professionals the capability to create, read and modify ZIP files inside their own JavaScript applications. The API is very user-friendly and useful. It gives you the power to select and download images from a gallery with ease.

The JSZip instance represents a set of files. That allows you to add them, remove them or modify them. It also supports generating a ZIP file by importing an existing zip file. Moreover, it also supports lower memory consumption and Improved webworker compatibility. The great thing is it happens to smoothly work in all major browsers and generates a ZIP file with a few lines of code.

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Getting Started with JSZip

The recommended way to install it using NPM. Please use the following command to install the JSZip library smoothly..

Install via npm

 npm install jszip 

Install via Bower

bower install Stuk/jszip 

Create ZIP Files via JavaScript Library

The open source library JSZip provides the functionality for generating ZIP files inside JavaScript applications. It allows adding individual files with customized names and contents, as well as random directories. Once the contents are included, JSZip can asynchronously generate the ZIP file.

Load and Read ZIP File via JavaScript

JSZip library enables software programmers to load and read ZIP files in a really easy simple way inside your own JavaScript applications. The API supports advanced features like caching a ZIP file locally, extracting its contents, and share within a service worker. The API makes sure that the ZIP files can be read and generated without any need for a server.

Extract Image from ZIP File

The JSZip library gives software developers the capability to extract their images from a single ZIP file, instead of separately reading every image from the server. For using this you need to include the jszip_min.js file as one of your <script> files along with hanis_min.js.