Open Source Swift Library to Zip and Unzip Files 

Zip library makes developers' job easy by helping them in developing applications that can zip and unzip different kinds of files using Swift commands. The library has included a set of very useful features and can be easily integrated with other projects. The library is built on top of minizip and provides support for several advanced compression and extraction related features for ZIP archives.

The Zip library is very easy to use and has included built-in support for '.ZIP' and '.CBZ' files. The library has included complete support for several important features such as zip files from a particular location, unzip documents to a specified path, unzip a specific file, creating password-protected zip files, viewing progress updates, adding or removing entries from zip archives, better error handling for unsuccessful operations and many more.

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Getting Started with Zip 

The recommended way to install Zip is from GitHub, Please use the following command for smooth installation

Compile Zip library via GitHub

go get

Compress Files using Swift Library

The open source Zip library enables software developers to compress different kinds of files inside their own Swift applications. To zip a particular file or set of files you need to provide the correct address to it and then will be done by the library. It also provides support for editing an existing ZIP file with ease. You can add or remove a file from an existing ZIP archive. You can also easily use advanced functions to set custom destination paths.

Create Password Protected ZIP Files via Swift

It is always very useful to protect your important data or ZIP files. It provides a high level of security to users’ sensitive data and makes it secure during transmission to other destinations. The free Zip library provides software programmers the capability to create and manage password-protected ZIP files inside their Swift apps. It provides functions for setting a password for reading all or some entries, altering the password, deleting the password, and many more.

Files Extraction from a ZIP File to Disk

The Zip library has included complete support for accessing and extracting the contents of ZIP files using a couple of lines of Swift code. The library has included several important functions related to file extractions such as selecting and extracting a particular file, extracting folders into a place of your choice, extracting the complete content of the archive, and so on. It also provides a facility for generating and verifying CMS signature for each entry.