Open Source Swift Library to Create ZIP archives

The Zipper library enables software developers to work with ZIP archives from within their own Swift applications. The library is stable and can effortlessly handle big task with couple of Swift commands. The library can be easily run on multiple platforms such as Linux, iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS and more. The Zipper library is open-sourced software and is available under the MIT license.

The API is well documented and is easy to use. It has included several important features related to ZIP archives, such as creating ZIP archive files, reading existing ZIP archive, access and modify existing ZIP archives, access individual entry in an archive, adding new entries, removing an entry from the archive, extract a documents to a specified path, better error handling for unsuccessful operations and may more.

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Getting Started with Zipper

You can easily install Zipper from CocoaPods. Please use the following command for installing the project on your system.

Compile Zipper library via CocoaPods

pod 'Zipper

Zipping Files via Swift Library

The open source Zipper library supports zipping numerous kinds of files using a couple of lines of Swift code. First of all, you need to provide the complete address of the files and the location information on the disk for saving the ZIP archive. The library supports several important features such as creating ZIP archive, Editing an existing archive, add a particular file to it, remove files from an Archive, and many more.


Unzipping an Archive via Swift

Zipper library enables software programmers to open and extract the contents of the ZIP archive inside their Swift application. You need to provide the URL or address of the archive and the file manager function will create the new directory where the files will be saved. You can also extract a particular file or folders into a place of your choice, extract complete content of the archive, and so on.

Access, Add or Remove Individual Entries

The open source Zipper library enables Software developers to easily access and extract particular entries in the ZIP archive with just a couple of lines of code. It also facilitates the Programmer to add a new file to an existing archive or replace or delete a file in an existing ZIP archive with ease. The library is has provided user friendly methods and you require just a couple of lines of code to achieve this task.