JavaScript API to Create & Manage different Kinds of Diagrams

Open Source JavaScript Library to generate and manage basic as well as interactive diagrams, hierarchical diagrams, and links handling.

JointJS is a powerful JavaScript diagramming library that helps software developers to build applications for working with creating and managing different kinds of diagrams. The library supports creating and managing basic as well as interactive diagrams using JavaScript commands. The library is open source and available under Mozilla Public License 2.0.

The library is very easy to use and has included support for several important features, such as interactive elements and links handling, working with basic elements such as rect, circle, ellipse, text, image and path, diagram element connectivity via links, hierarchical diagrams support, serialization and deserialization support, using customizable links with labels and arrowheads, interactive elements and links support, MVC architecture and many more.

The JointJS library can be used to develop applications that can be run on popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, IE 11, MSEdge, and so on.  You can use the latest The library also fully supports ready-to-use diagram elements of well-known diagrams such as ERD, Org chart, FSA, UML, PN, DEVS, and more.

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Getting Started with JointJS

The recommended way to install JointJS library is using NPM. Please use the following command for a smooth installation

Install JointJS via NPM

 npm install

Create and Manage Diagram via JavaScript API

The open source JointJS library allows software developers to create multiple types of diagrams with ease inside their own JavaScript apps. The library has included support for built-in shapes which can be used to draw custom diagrams with ease. You can draw sequence diagrams, ER diagrams, UML Class diagrams, and UML statechart diagrams. You can also easily design logic circuits, organizational charts, Finite state machines, puzzles, chess, and much more.

Custom Element Support

The open source JointJS library has included built-in elements that can be used to create diagrams inside JavaScript apps. There are several default shapes available such as rectangles, text, circles, ellipses, images, paths, etc. These can be used to draw a drawing. You can also create new elements from the scratch.

Create and Manage Charts via JavaScript

The JointJS library has provided complete support for generating as well as managing charts using JavaScript code. The library has included support for several types of charts such as Line, Bar, Area, Combo charts, Pie & Donut charts, and Knobs. The library also provides several functions related to chart manipulation such as resizing, rotating, connecting to other elements, and so on.