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Open Source .NET Visio Diagramming Library

Generate simple Visio XML (VDX) files via Open Source Free .NET Diagramming Library.

VisioAutomation is an open source .NET library for automating Microsoft Visio. The library helps developers to make it simpler to automate and programmatically control Microsoft Visio. It also enables programmers to generate simple Visio XML (VDX) files without even having Visio installed. More, the library makes it easier to build your own Visio add-ins and automation/scripting tools. The library provides full support for working with Visio 2007 and Visio 2010.

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Getting Started with VisioAutomation

Please use the following command to install VisioAutomation.

Install VisioAutomation via git command

git clone https://github.com/saveenr/VisioAutomation.git

Create Visio Diagrams via C# .NET API

The open source C# library VisioAutomation gives developers the capability to create Visio diagrams without using Microsoft Visio. You can also easily read the contents of an existing diagram. You can easily select and draw shapes for your diagram. Like Visio, the library also automatically draws connectors between shapes. You can also set the progress shape to update itself based on its position.

Create & Modify a ShapeSheet

VisioAutomation library allows developers to update ShapeSheet inside their own diagram.  The update allows you to professionally alter the contents (formulas, results, or both) of a shapesheet. You can also retrieve data from shapes using a ShapeSheet query. It supports retrieving formulas, results as well as formulas and results simultaneously.

Add and Delete Cells in a Visio Diagram

You can use the VisioAutomation library to manage cells inside Viso Diagrams. The library provides functionality for adding a new cell, finding out how many user-defined cells exist, checking if a cell exists, and deleting a cell.