Open Source C++ Library to Manage Email Message

Free C++ API for Emails generation & management. It supports sending email messages, managing a list of addresses, add attachments, audio attachment support, encode email message,s and many more.

Mimetic is a powerful free C++ email library that enables software developers to work with email messages inside their own applications. The mimetic library is simple to use and can be easily integrated. It is a build around the standard lib that’s developers feel comfortable in using the library. The mimetic library heavily uses templates and doesn't use exceptions so a mostly standard-compliant C++ compiler is required.

The Mimetic library tries to follow current standards as closely as possible. The library features rich and almost all the feature one can assume in a MIME library is available in mimetic. The library has included a set of several important features related to email message management such as sending an email message, managing a list of addresses, add attachments, audio attachment support, encode email message, sending a message to a group, list mailbox, embed images, support both plain text and HTML, email header management and many more.

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Getting Started with Mimetic

The easiest way to install Mimetic is via GitHub. Please install it using the following command for easy installation.

install Mimetic via GitHub

go get

Emails Generation via C++ Library

The open source Mimetic library enables computer programmers to generate and send email messages using C++ commands. The library has included a function for creating a group of users and sending emails to all users with ease. It also supports several important functions for handling emails such as send emails to multiple recipients, support fields like From, To, Bcc, and Cc fields, add attachments to emails message, embed images, and include other contents inside your email messages. You can also easily parse the emails and get into their information.

Encrypt Email Messages Support

The open source library Mimetic supports programmatically encrypting email messages using a couple of lines of C++ code. Encryption is a very useful process that helps users to protect their email messages from unauthorized access. You can encode the email message using Base64 with ease. The library easily encrypts entire messages including attachments, images, contents, etc.

File Attachment & Embed Images via C++

The open source library Mimetic makes it easy for software developers to add attachments to their email messages using C++ commands. The library has included numerous important functionality for including attachments to email messages, such as embedding images such JPEG, PNGE, etc., attach documents, audio attachments, deleting attached files, and many more. Software developers can easily attach documents like PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and many more.