Open Source Go Library for Email Messages

Free GO .NET Library for Generating Message with Attachments.

Email is an Open Source robust and flexible email library for GO developers. It is a lightweight and simple email package to provide email interface for humans. Using the API you can create a new email, set From, To Bcc and CC set email addresses in different formats, use text & HTML in email body, and manage attachments. Furthermore, the API allows designing custom email headers and allows reading receipts.

Using the API you can create an email for any type that implements the io.Reader interface e.g you can send emails using your Gmail account by setting email properties directly from the struct.

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Getting Started with Email

The easiest way to install Email is via GitHub. You can the following command to install Email Go API

install Email API via GitHub

go get

Create New Messages via Free Go API

The Open Source API Email library enables software developers to create email message via GO. Creating a new email with the API is pretty simple. You can start creating email by creating a new email instance by using email.NewEmail() method. You can set From, To, BCC and CC by using the properties of new created email instance. Similarly setting Subject and Body is piece of cake as well. You can set the subject using, email.Subject and set body either by using email.Text or email.HTML method. When you have your email content ready, you can send it using email.Send() method.

Free GO API to Create Email with Attachments

Email API provides features for generating a message with attachments inside GO applications. Attachments are just like any other properties of email API. Just like you set From, To, Ccc, Bcc and subject, you can add attachments using email.AttachFile() method