Open Source Go Library to Send Email Messages

Free Go API to send responsive HTML email messages.

Hermes is a free pure GO API to generate clean and responsive HTML email messages. The API is specifically designed to send a transactional email including welcome emails, reset password e-mails, receipt emails and more. This open-source Go API provides both responsive HTML email as well as associated plain text. The API provides a bunch of templates to send email messages, these pre-design HTML templates help you send beautifully designed emails directly from the Go development environment.

The API is enriched with providing interactive email messages. You can send emails messages with welcome button & an invite code, you can send receipts, reset password emails and normal maitenance emails - for that the API provides open-source deafualt & flat email templates. The API provides RTL support, allows language customizations, allows inecting tables and you can inject key-value pairs of data by using Dictionary object.

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Getting Started with Hermes

The recommended way to hermes into your project is by using GitHub. Please use the following command for a smooth installation.

Install Go-Email via GitHub

go get -u

Generate Responsive Email via Free GO API

The open-source API Go allows send responsive HTML emails easily and effeciently. Hermes API divides the email design into smaller sections. You can set Names and Intros in the Body section of the email. In order to set perform an operation within an email like activating the user or for any conformation, the API allows using Action. You can insert buttons in the actions as per your needs and set colour, text and link for the button. Once you have your content ready, you can convert it to HTML using GenerateHtml() method provided by the API and send it to the destination.

Use Templates to Send Emails via Open Source API

This free GO API allows using templates to send emails. There are two basic types of email templates that you can use to send the messages - Deafualt & Flat. The default template is back by the postmark transactional email templates. They are solid email templates that can render into tons of email clients. Furthermore, these templates are mobile-friendly, content ready and are visually beautiful across all major email client. The flat theme is just a slightly modified version of postmakr transactional email templates.

Insert Tables in Emails via Free Go API

This open-source Go API allows injecting tables into your email messaages. You can insert tables inside Body section of the email. The API provides a Data section to insert data in the table. By using the Key and Value pair you can add column and column values in the table. In order to customize the table columns, you can style the columns using CustomWidth, CustomAlignment and more.