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C# .NET Library to Generate & Handle Emails

Open Source .NET API that sends emails for ASP.NET MVC using the view engine. Add content to an email message, preview the created emails, add attachments, embed images & so on.

Postal is a very useful C# .NET email library that enables software developers to generate and handle email messages with ease using a couple of lines of .NET code. It uses existing MVC views to generate emails. Most web apps need to send email messages in different ways and the Postal library makes their job easy by providing them all the necessary functions. The library is open source and is freely available under the MIT license.

The Postal library can work with any ASP.NET MVC view engine. The headers and body content can be easily identified by the email view. It has included support for several important features related to email management such as creating and sending HTML or plain-text email messages, adding attachments, embedding images, strongly type emails support, email headers support, creating emails without sending, preview generated email messages and many more.

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Getting Started with Postal

The easiest way to install Postal is via NuGet. You can Install Postal into your ASP.NET web application using Nuget, please enter the following command.

install Postal via NuGet

Install-Package Postal.Mvc5 

You can also download it from GitHub and manually install it with ease.

Create & Send Emails via .NET API

The Open Source API Postal library enables software developers to create and send email messages with just a couple of lines of .NET code. The library has included support for both rich HTML and plain text versions. To create an email first create the main view which will include headers and reference the view to use. After that create the text view and specify a single content-type header. Lastly, create the HTML view with a single content-type header. The library supports features like sending email messages to multiple users, attaching files, image embedding, and much more.

Preview Generated Emails before Sending

It is very beneficial to preview the created emails in the browser before sending it. Moreover, sometimes users don’t want to send out a mail each time they have made some changes to a template. The Open Source Postal library has provided functionality for previewing the generated email messages inside their .NET applications. . The ActionResult class can be used which simply renders the user’s template to the browser.