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Open Source PHP  Library to Send Email Messages 

PHP API that allows sending messages with attachment, sending messages to multiple users, Twig integration, UTF-8 characters support and so on.

The Mailer and Mime components are very useful parts of the Symfony framework for creating and sending email messages. It is open source and is available under the MIT License. The component helps software programmers to send emails from their PHP applications as well as offers easy integration with other popular mailing services. There are two main parts of the Mailer component; the Transport and Mailer itself.

The great thing about Symfony's mailer component is the high availability. It uses a technique known as "failover" which makes sure that emails are sent even if one mailer server fails. The failover transport is configured with two or more transports. So if one fails it will automatically switch to the other transport to complete the sending task. It also very effectively manages load balancing and uses the "round-robin" technique to distribute the mailing workload across multiple transporters.

The Mailer component has included support for several important features related to email message handling such as sending messages with attachments, sending messages to multiple users, multipart messages support, Twig integration, UTF-8 characters support, embed images inlining CSS Styles, messages encryption, and many more.

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Getting Started with Mailer 

The recommended way to install the Mailer component is via Composer, please use the following command for easy installation.

Install Mailer via Composer

 $ composer require symfony/mailer

Generate and Send Emails via PHP Library

The open source Mailer library has included support for email message creation and sending via PHP code. Developers need to create email objects and provide the required information. Once ready the message will be sent to the recipients via the configured transport. You can easily send emails to multiple users by selecting fields like From, To, BCC, and Cc fields. You can also easily attach files, embed images, and include other contents inside your email messages.

Attach Files and Images to Emails via PHP

Sharing documents and photos as email attachments is easy and cost-effective. Moreover, it is often required to share up-to-date data and files for the timely completion of collaborative tasks. One fast and easy way to do this is via email attachments. The Mailer library enables software developers to easily attach and send documents like PDF, Microsoft Word, Images, and many more.

Email Messages Encryption Support

Encryption helps users to protect their email messages from unwanted access and prevent hackers from accessing secure data and messages. The open source Mailer library has included complete support for email message encryption using PHP commands. A certificate is used while encrypting an email message. It encrypts the entire message including attachments, images, contents, etc. Once the message is delivered the recipients that have the corresponding key can access and read the message.

Use Tags and Metadata in Emails

The open source Mailer library has included support for adding tags and metadata to your email messages with ease. They are very useful for grouping emails together, tracking emails, and workflow. Please remember that your transport will convert them to their appropriate format if it supports headers otherwise it does not support tags and metadata, they will be added as custom headers inside your emails.