Open Source Ruby API to Generate & Send Emails

Free Ruby Library that enables developers to send an email message with a single command, add attachments & custom headers to email messages, and so on.

Pony is a useful library that gives software programmers the ability to manage their email messages right from their own applications using Ruby commands. The library is powerful and like PHP's mail() function sends an email message with just a single Ruby command. It also supports the use of SMTP to localhost. The library is open source and is freely available under the MIT License for public use.

The library is stable and can be easily integrated with other applications. There are several important features part of the library that makes developers job easy such as sending email messages, add attachments to email messages, use custom mail headers, handling mails with both text and HTML bodies, send an email message via cc and bcc options, encryption and decryption support and many more.

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Getting Started with Pony

The easiest way to install the Pony library is via RubyGems. Please use the following command for easy installation.

Install Pony via Rubygems

 gem install pony

Send Email Message via Ruby API

The open source Ruby library Pony gives software engineers the ability to compose and send email messages with just a single ruby command from their own applications. The library also included support to send messages to multiple users with ease. You can easily attach images as well as documents to your email messages. One other great feature is that it supports both text and HTML bodies.

Send Emails with Attachments via Ruby

Sometimes an organization needs to share all the necessary documents with their team members quickly and with the lesser expense. The Pony library makes their job easy by enabling them to send emails with attachments using a couple of lines of Ruby code. The library also supports accessing and viewing the attached files. You can easily attach single or multiple files using the attachments option.

Custom Mail Headers Support

Email headers are a useful part of the email messages that is used to see information about email sender, location, and receiver, message server, and so on. The open source Pony library has provided support for specifying custom mail headers using Ruby code. You can add options for each part of the letter in the text as well as in HTML