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.NET Library for EPUB Documents Reading

Open Source .NET API to Access & Read EPUB file, extract its contents and convert EPUB to PDF inside C# apps.

Open Source .NET Libraries to Create, edit, read, convert, or process EBook File Formats with the help of Free APIs targeting the C# .NET platform. It supports a wide range of font formats, including TrueType, OpenType, Type1 fonts, and so on. The library includes various classes and methods that make it easy to work with fonts in your code. The Fonts Management Library allows software developers to manage fonts inside their own .NET application and supports installing, uninstalling, and updating fonts on the user's machine or an application's directory.

C# Typography Fonts Management Library is a powerful tool that enables Software developers to manage fonts in their C# applications without any dependencies. The Typography Library allows users to load and save fonts in various file formats. Users can load fonts from a file or stream, or even create a font from scratch. There are several other useful features part of the library for handling fonts such as displaying all available fonts, embedding fonts for correct text appearance, font caching support for rendering text multiple times, font validation mechanism, and many more.

The open source Typography library is a cross-platform library and does NOT need the PixelFarm Rendering library. Its extensive features and easy-to-use API make it a great choice for any developer who wants to work with fonts in their projects. By using this library, you can enhance the typography of your applications and create a better user experience for your users.

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Getting Started with Typography

The recommended way to install Typography is using NuGet. Please use the following command a smooth installation.

Install Typography via NuGet

 NuGet\Install-Package Typography.OpenFont.NetCore -Version 1.0.0

You can also install it manually; download the latest release files directly from GitHub repository.

Load Font information using C# API

The open source Typography library has provided a convenient way for loading font information inside C# applications. It enables software developers to load Fonts information with just a couple of lines of C# code. Loading font information with C# Typography library is a straightforward process. By using the FontsLoader class, you can easily load font files and access all the information about the font. The library fully supports loading multiple fonts at once by passing an array of font file paths to the LoadFonts method. Once user’s loaded font information, they can easily use it to render text using the provided font.

How to Load Fonts information inside C# applications?

using CSharpTypography.Fonts;

// Create an instance of the FontsLoader class

FontsLoader fontsLoader = new FontsLoader();

// load font information

Font font = fontsLoader.LoadFonts("font.ttf");

// load multiple fonts

string[] fontFiles = { "font1.ttf", "font2.ttf", "font3.ttf" };
Font[] fonts = fontsLoader.LoadFonts(fontFiles);

// Once you have loaded font information, you can use it to render text

using CSharpTypography.Text;

string text = "Hello, world!";
Font font = fontsLoader.LoadFonts("font.ttf");

FormattedText formattedText = new FormattedText(text, font, 24);