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Free C++ API for Fast HTML Files Loading and Parsing

Open Source C++ library for Speedy Loading and Parsing HTML Web Pages. It enables Developers to parse HTML documents containing multilingual content via C++ API.

Loading and Parsing HTML documents is an essential task while working with web pages. Whether you're building a web scraper, a search engine, or a content analysis tool, efficiently extracting information from HTML files is crucial. This is where MyHTML, a robust C/C++ library, comes into play. It helps software developers to simplify HTML parsing and supports the manipulation (add, change, delete, and other) of HTML elements. The library can handle complex HTML structures, including malformed or invalid HTML, and provides robust error-handling capabilities.

MyHTML is an open source library specifically designed for parsing HTML documents without any external dependencies. It provides a fast and efficient way to extract structured information from HTML files. The library is implemented in C/C++, making it suitable for a wide range of projects in these programming languages. Software Developers often worry about memory consumption in parsing libraries. It addresses this concern by implementing efficient memory management techniques, significantly reducing the memory footprint during parsing operations.

MyHTML employs a lightweight and memory-friendly approach. It allows software developers to parse HTML documents using minimal memory, making it well-suited for resource-constrained environments. By leveraging MyHTML, software developers can extract structured information from HTML files with ease, enabling them to build robust web applications, crawlers, data analyzers, and more. If you're looking for a reliable HTML parsing solution in C/C++, MyHTML is definitely worth considering.

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Getting Started with MyHTML

The recommended way to install MyHTML is using GitHub. Please use the following command a smooth installation.

Install MyHTML Library via GitHub

 go get https://github.com/lexborisov/myhtml.git   

Install MyHTML Library via Gradle

 compile 'com.MyHTML:MyHTML:1.6.0' 

You can also install it manually; download the latest release files directly from GitHub repository.

Fast and Efficient Parsing via C++ API

The MyHTML library has provided complete functionality for speedy loading and parsing HTML web pages inside C++ applications. The library is designed for speed, making it an excellent choice for applications that require quick HTML processing. It utilizes an optimized parsing algorithm that ensures high performance even with large HTML documents. The library offers an array of functions to navigate through the document tree, extract tags, attributes, and content, and handle errors gracefully. Here's a basic example of how to use MyHTML to extract the title of an HTML document

How to Parse & Extract the Title of an HTML Document via C/C++ API?


int main() {
    const char* html = "MyHTML Example";
    myhtml_t* myhtml = myhtml_create();
    myhtml_parse(myhtml, MyHTML_OPTIONS_DEFAULT, 1, html, strlen(html));

    myhtml_tree_t* tree = myhtml_tree_get(myhtml);
    myhtml_tree_node_t* title_node = myhtml_node_child(tree_node_body(tree));

    printf("Title: %s\n", myhtml_node_text(title_node, NULL));

    return 0;

Unicode & DOM Support via C++ API

The open source library MyHTML offers comprehensive Unicode support, allowing software developers to parse HTML documents containing multilingual content. It handles character encoding and decoding seamlessly, ensuring accurate parsing of various languages and scripts. Moreover, it provides a Document Object Model (DOM)-like API, enabling programmers to traverse and manipulate HTML elements with ease. This simplifies the process of extracting specific data from HTML files and allows for efficient data manipulation and transformation.