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Free Java HTML Library - Convert HTML to PDF, PNG & JPEG

Open Source Java HTML Library That Enables Java Programmers to Load HTML, Parse and Convert HTML File to PDF, PNG, JPEG and Other Supported File Formats inside Java Apps.

In the world of web development, converting HTML content to PDF format is a common requirement for various applications. Whether you're building a reporting tool, an e-commerce platform, or a content management system, the need to generate PDFs from HTML content is a task that frequently arises. Thankfully, the open-source HTMLtoPDF-Java library can make this process easier and more efficient.

HTMLtoPDF-Java is a Java library that simplifies the process of converting HTML documents into PDFs. It utilizes the power of the popular open-source project, wkhtmltopdf, which is a command-line tool for rendering HTML or XML content to PDF. By wrapping wkhtmltopdf within Java, the library offers a user-friendly and seamless solution for developers looking to generate PDFs from their HTML content. There are several important features part of the library such as, saving HTML as PDF file, converting a webpage to PDF via URL, saving multiple objects as a PDF file, HTML conversion to multiple formats, high-quality PDF output support and many more.

HTMLtoPDF-Java is a straightforward library to integrate into your Java projects. It comes with a well-documented API, allowing users to convert HTML to PDF with just a few lines of code. It is a robust and user-friendly solution for converting HTML to PDF in Java applications. With its simplicity of integration, customization options, and support for high-quality rendering, it can save you time and effort in generating professional PDF documents from your HTML content. Whether you're building a reporting tool, an invoicing system, or simply need to create printable versions of web content, it is a valuable addition to your Java toolkit.

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Getting Started with HTMLtoPDF-Java

The recommended way to use HTMLtoPDF-Java is by including the necessary Maven or Gradle configuration or by manually importing the JAR file into your project. Please add the maven dependency for smooth working.

HTMLtoPDF-Java Maven Dependency


Install HTMLtoPDF-Java Library via Gradle

 compile 'io.woo:htmltopdf:1.0.8' 

You can also install it manually; download the latest release files directly from GitHub repository.

HTML to PDF Conversion via Java Library

The open source HTMLtoPDF-Java library has provided an easy to use and intuitive API that enables Java developers to load and convert HTML file to PDF documents with ease. Leveraging the capabilities of the Webkit rendering engine, the library produces high-quality PDFs with accurate rendering of HTML content, including CSS styling and JavaScript interactivity. The library facilitates developers to convert HTML to other file formats like JPEG, PNG, and many more. Developers can customize the conversion process by configuring various options, such as page size, header, footer, and more. The following example shows how to convert an HTML file to a PDF with just a couple of lines of Java code.

How to Convert an HTML File to PDF using Java Library?

boolean success = HtmlToPdf.create()

Apples, not oranges

")) .convert("/path/to/file.pdf");

Generate PDF from Webpage via Java

The open source HTMLtoPDF-Java library has provided various functions for converting HTML content to PDF and other file formats inside Java applications. Software developers needs to load an existing webpages via a URL and with just a couple of lines of Java code the webpage will be converted into a PDF file. Here is an example that shows how to perform webpage conversion to PDF document using Java commands.

How to Generate a PDF Document from a Webpage via URL inside Java Apps?

boolean success = HtmlToPdf.create()

Customization & Batch Conversion Support

HTMLtoPDF-Java library offers a range of options to customize the PDF output. You can control aspects like page size, orientation, header and footer content, and more, ensuring that the generated PDF meets your specific requirements. It is also possible to use HTMLtoPDF-Java to perform batch conversions, making it efficient for scenarios where you need to generate multiple PDFs in one go. The library also supports rendering CSS and JavaScript, enabling you to maintain the visual fidelity of your HTML content in the generated PDF.