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Free Java API for Easy HTML Markup Generation

Open Source Java HTML Generator that allows software developers to Create HTML markup, create tags, add attributes, and nested elements within each other.

In the world of web development, creating HTML markup can be a tedious task, often involving writing repetitive code and dealing with the complexities of string concatenation. Fortunately, there are libraries available that can simplify this process and make HTML generation more efficient. One such library is J2html, a lightweight and intuitive Java library that allows developers to generate HTML markup using a simple and expressive API.

J2html is an open-source library that enables Software developers to generate HTML markup in Java code using a fluent and intuitive API. It provides a simple and expressive way to create HTML elements, attributes, and content, making the code more readable and maintainable. With J2html, web developers can dynamically generate HTML templates, build complex layouts, and populate data seamlessly. The library allows developers to define and use custom HTML elements and extensions, giving users the flexibility to adapt the library to your specific needs.

J2html's fluent API enables software developers to build HTML structures with ease. The library provides a set of intuitive methods that allow users to chain operations, resulting in clean and concise code. The library takes care of HTML escaping and sanitization automatically, ensuring that the generated markup is safe from cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks and other security vulnerabilities. Its fluent API, type safety, and template composition capabilities make it an excellent choice for building robust and maintainable web applications. By leveraging j2html, developers can save development time, reduce errors, and enhance the readability of their code. Give j2html a try in your next Java project, and experience the ease and flexibility it brings to HTML generation.

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Getting Started with J2html

The recommended way to use J2html is by including the necessary Maven or Gradle configuration or by manually importing the JAR file into your project. Please add the maven dependency for smooth working.

J2html Maven Dependency


Install J2html Library via Gradle

 compile 'com.j2html:j2html:1.6.0' 

You can also install it manually; download the latest release files directly from GitHub repository.

Generate HTML Markup using Java API

The open source J2html library has provided a clean and intuitive API, which allows software developers to generate HTML markup using natural and readable Java code. The library provides a set of fluent methods that map directly to HTML elements, making it easy to create tags, add attributes, and nested elements within each other inside Java applications. The following example shows the elegance of j2html's API and demonstrates how software developers to can generate HTML markup then rendered as a string and printed to the console.

How to Generate HTML Markup using Java API?

import static j2html.TagCreator.*;

public class Main {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
        String title = "Welcome to j2html";
        String bodyText = "This is a sample paragraph.";

        String html = html(
                h1("Hello, World!"),


Conditional Rendering & Templating Support

The open source J2html library allows software developers to render various HTML elements inside their Java applications. With j2html, Software developers can easily conditionally render elements based on certain conditions. This can be useful for generating dynamic content or handling different scenarios based on your application's logic. It also supports the use of reusable templates, allowing users to define common HTML structures and reuse them across multiple pages. This feature promotes code reusability and simplifies maintenance.