Open Source Go Library for Image Creation & Manipulation

Powerful Go API that supports Resize, Crop & Rotate JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP Images. You can also adjust image brightness, contrast, gamma correction of the images.

The open source Go Imaging API is a powerful package that provides complete functionality related to image creation and manipulation. The library is flexible and allows developers to easily create new images and modify existing ones with just a couple of lines of code.

The Imaging is a pure Go library that is small in size and efficient in functionality. It supports several important image file formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, and many more. The library has also included several resampling filters for image resizing. Some important filters are NearestNeighbor, Lanczos, CatmullRom, MitchellNetravali, Linear, Box, and so on. The library has also facilitated developers to create custom filters.

The free Imaging library has included several important features relates to image processing, such as resizing image, image rotation, image cropping, adjust image brightness, image contrast adjustments, gamma correction of the images, changing the saturation of the image, clone images, image blur, encode and decode images, image overlay, add sharpness, create thumbnail and many other features.

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Getting Started with Imaging

The easiest and recommended way to install Imagingis via GitHub.

Install Imaging via GitHub

go get -u

Generate New Image via Go API

The open source imaging library supports generating new images inside their own application using Go commands. The new image creation requires image width, height, background color of the image, and output format of the image. You can also easily modify the created image and perform different operations like flip, setting opacity, blend, blur, and much more.

Image Conversion to Other Formats via Go

Software developers can easily convert their images to other supported file formats inside their own GO Apps using a free imaging library. You just need to provide the image name and the output image format. Using the Save function you can easily export the images to several other supported image file formats such as PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, and more.

Resize and Crop Images

The Free imaging API has included functionality for resizing images according to your needs using Go commands. First, you need to open an image and provide height as well as the width of the image to resize it. Another option is that you can resize the image by just provide width by preserving the aspect ratio. The library also allows cropping the original image by provided custom width, height, and using the center anchor.

Flip, Rotate, Blur & Clone Images

The Imaging library has included several important features for image manipulation such as image flipping, image rotation, blurring, and cloning. To make a copy of an existing image you just need to call the Clone function and provide the existing image. The library also supports rotating and flipping your image with just a couple of lines of code. You can easily rotate an image by the given angle counter-clockwise. The angle parameter is the rotation angle in degrees.