Open Source Java Library for Image Processing

A General-purpose, Multidimensional Image Processing API that create new images, modify existing images,  working with sparse data,  duplicating existing image using Free Java API.

The open source ImgLib2 library gives software developers the capability to create and manipulate images inside their Java apps. The library offers an interface-driven design that enables users to use numeric and non-numeric data types with ease inside their own applications.

The ImgLib2 is a general-purpose, multidimensional image processing library that provides support for several important features related to image processing, such as create new images, modify existing images,  Opening and reading existing images, working with sparse data,  duplicating existing image, Generic copying of image data, Drawing a sphere, Interpolation support and many more.

The library is very user-friendly and avoids unnecessary complexities thus developers can concentrate on the essence of the algorithm while developing their projects. The great thing about the library is that it is dimension-independent and allows users to express their code in a way that can be applied to many-dimensional data. The library working is not limited to images only there are examples working on RNA sequences as well.

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Getting Started with ImgLib2

The easiest and recommended way to install ImgLib2 is via GitHub.

Install ImgLib2 via GitHub

go get -u 

Creating New Images via Java

The open source Java library ImgLib2 has included support for creating a new image from the scratch with just a couple of lines of Java code. Using the ImgLib2 library, you can create different types of images such as simple image, 3D image, ImgFactory & more. You can also modify images of the existing images with just a couple of lines of code.

Image Duplication via Java API

The ImgLib2 library has included functionality for image duplication using Java commands. You can easily make a copy of the existing image. You can employ Cursors to achieve this task. You can also use the copy method which is a generic method and the great thing is that it will work on any kind of Type.

View Images Partly via Java

The free ImgLib2 library enables software developers to display of only some parts of the image inside their apps via a couple of lines of Java code. Views are very powerful and you can use them to display selected parts of the images, display a rotated view, and few other things. Views can be RandomAccessible, Interval, and can therefore be made Iterable.

Sparse Data Management

The free ImgLib2 library gives software developers the capability to work sparse data using Java code.  The library has provided two interpolation schemes for displaying sparse data. Users can compute a value for every location in space by returning either the value of the closest sample or an interpolated, distance-weighted value of the k nearest neighbors to the sampled location.