Free Java API for Working with Image

Open Source Java Photo Editing and manipulation Library that enable software developers to draw on images, apply filter effect on images, adding/editing Text, adding Emoji, and so on.

Photo Editor Library makes it easy for software programmers to edit as well as manipulate images using a couple of lines of Java code. The library is stable and gives Java developers complete control over their images. Developers can easily apply Brush's Color, Size, Opacity, fonts, text, and much more while editing your images.

Photo Editor is an open source library and is available under the MIT License. There are several important features part of the library, such as drawing on an image, apply filter effect on the image, adding text to images, editing existing text, inserting emoji with custom fonts, inserting images and stickers, scale image, rotate image view, delete views, undo and redo brushes commands and so on.

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Getting Started with PhotoEditor

The easiest and recommended way to install PhotoEditor is via GitHub. Please use the following command for an easy and smooth installation.

Install PhotoEditor via GitHub

go get -u 

Creating New Images via Java

The open source PhotoEditor library has included several important functionalizes related to drawing on images using Java commands. You can customize the brushes and paint with a different set of properties. Please remember that you need to enable the drawing mode before starting the drawing on the image. Moreover, setting any property of a brush for the drawing will also automatically enable the drawing mode.

Applying Custom Filters on Image

The PhotoEditor library enables software developers to apply filters on their source images inside their Java apps. The library has included both inbuilt as well as custom filter facility. By default, you can use some commonly available filters with just one-liner code. You can also build your own custom filters and apply it with ease. Please note that some effects may not be available on all platforms, so please check before creating a certain effect.

Working with Text

The free PhotoEditor library has included several important features for managing text inside the images using the Java library. You can easily insert text and apply color to the text using a couple of lines of Java code. By default, the library will use the fonts provided in the builder but you can use different fonts with ease. You can also edit the existing available text. The library has also included support for adding the Emoji with ease.