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Open Source .NET API for Images

Create Dynamic Images, Add Layers, Filters & Manipulate Images using Free .NET API.

DynamicImage is an open source image manipulation API that simplifies dealing with images in ASP.NET applications. DynamicImage uses Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) internally for bitmap manipulation. Images are composed in the API by using one or more layers. The API provides a wide range of filters to be used in the image programmatically, each layer of the image can have one or more filters.

Furthermore, the API provides other image processing features including blending layers with underneath layers, creating an image layer with byte array, applying global filters, using gradient fill, user grayscale image, and more.

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Getting Started with DynamicImage

The recommended way to install DynamicImage is via NuGet. Please use the following command to install DynamicImage.

Install DynamicImage via NuGet

Install-Package DynamicImage

Create Dynamic Image using C#

DynamicImage API allows the creation of images programmatically. The API offers two ways to create the image - using the object model & using a fluent interface. Using object model, you can start by creating a new Compostion() and add layers to it by using compostion.Layers.Add() method. You can your image URL using ImageUrlGenerator.GetImageUrl() method.

Add Layers in Images using Free .NET API

The Open Source API DynamicImage allows adding one more layer to your image. The API provides a wide range of layers including Image, Julia Fractal, Mandelbrot Fractal, Polygon Shape, Rectangle Shape, and Text layer. You can easily add a layer to your image by using LayerBuilder properties.

Add Layers to Image via C# API

    var composition = new Composition();
    composition.Layers.Add(new ImageLayer { SourceFileName = "~/assets/photo.jpg" });
    composition.Layers.Add(new TextLayer { Text = "Hello World" });

Add Filter in Images using C#

DynamicImage library allows developers to add a filter to your images. Filters can be applied on one or more layers. You can use as many filters as you like on a single layer. The API provides a bunch of filters, the most common include border, color key, color tint, emboss, greyscale, inversion, outer glow, sepia, solarize, and more. You can simply add a filter in your layers by using Layers.Filter.Add() method.

Apply Filters to Image via .NET API

    var composition = new Composition();
    var myLayer = new ImageLayer();
    // ... Set image source
    myLayer.Filters.Add(new ColorTintFilter());
    myLayer.Filters.Add(new OuterGlowFilter());