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Open Source C# .NET Image Processing Library

Generate, Read, Modify, Crop, Convert & Manipulate JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PNG8 & TIFF Images using .NET API.


ImageProcessor is a simple yet very powerful cross-platform open source library for the processing of image files inside C# applications. It is a fully managed and cross-platform 2D graphics API designed to permit the processing of images. ImageSharp is an open source image processing library that was released with the goal of providing an alternative to the System.Drawing APIs.

This API is comprehensive and supports advanced algorithms for image processing. The API is improved year by year to provide support for more advanced image processing. Its only dependency is .NET itself, which makes it extremely portable. The API has included support for advanced features like image resizing, image encoding and decoding, decode image metadata only,  image cloning, Draw watermark on the image, Draw text along a path and many more.

Getting Started with ImageProcessor

Install stable releases via Nuget; development releases are available via MyGet.

Install ImageProcessor via Nuget

Install-Package SixLabors.ImageSharp –IncludePrerelease 
You can also install it manually; download the latest release files directly from the  GitHub repository.

Apply Filters to Images via C# Library

The open source ImageProcessor library allows C# .NET developer to filter images with ease inside their own applications. Please use the MatrixFilters class to assign the correct filter to your images. There are several types of filters available that you can apply to your images, such as BlackWhite, Comic, Gotham, GreyScale, HiSatch, Invert, Lomograph, LoSatch, Polaroid and Sepia.

Add Text Based Watermark to Image

You can easily place an image or text watermark anywhere on your images using the open source ImageProcessor library. The library provides full support for adding watermark to images with just few lines of code.  The required class contains all the properties necessary to add the text based watermark to the image. It supports text color, select Font, Font Size, Style, opacity, position, drop-shadow and more.

Crop Images using .NET

The ImageProcessor gives software developers the ability to crops the current image to a custom location and size.  Cropping is the most important yet easy process to consider when editing your images and photos. It provides several properties that help users to crop images according to their needs. Such as left, top, right, bottom  and CropMode.