Open Source .NET API for Images

Reseize Images Online using Free .NET API.

ImageResizer is an open source .NET API for resizing JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, WMF,and EMF file formats. This free image processing API is developed & optmized for server-side use. Using the API, you can resize your image, rotate image, flip image, crop image, use padding autocripping, carving & stretching, and apply borders, margins, & background colors. Furthermore, the API offers+ plugins to ehnance the Image Processing capabilities.

After implementing your reszing operations the API outputs images in JPG, PNG, and GIF file formats with JPEG compression bewteen 0-100 and colors between 2-255.

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Getting Started with ImageResizer

The recommended way to install ImageResizer is via NuGet. Please use the following command to install ImageResizer.

Install-Package ImageResizer

Resize Image via Free .NET API

ImageResizer API allows sizing image by setting padding, autocropping, carving and stretching. The developers can easily fit the image within the specified bounds using maxWidth and maxHeight properties, preserving aspect ratio and width and height properites are used to enforce the final width & height

Rotate and Flip Images using Free .NET API

The Open Source image library ImageResizer automatically rotates the images based on the EXIF information and by setting autorotate to true. Furthermore, you can rotate your image to a specific angle by using rotate = degrees option. Similarly you can flip your image using flip=none|x|y|xy properties.

Apply Borders & Margins in Images using C#

ImageResizer library allows developers to apply border, margins, padding and background colors. You can set image border width & color properties by using borderWidth and borderColor properties. Similarly, you can apply universal margin or left, right, top & bottom margin using the API.