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Open Source ASP.NET Image Processing API

Create, Edit, Reseize & Convert Images like JPEG, PNG, GIF, WMF and BMP Online using Free ASP.NET API.

ImageSharp.Web is a very powerful easy to use ASP.NET Library that allows software programmers to open, read, write, modify, rotate, resize & convert various types of images such as PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF and many more. It adds middleware on top of the ImageSharp library which allows the manipulation and caching of image with a simple API call.

The Imagesharp.Web API is licensed under the terms of Apache License, Version 2.0. Apart from that the commercial licensing options are also available for advanced functionality. The library is very fast as developed by combining the power of ASP.NET Core and ImageSharp. The API is very easy to install and is capable of wisely handle thousands of requests per second.

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Getting Started with ImageSharp.Web

The recommended way to install ImageSharp.Webis via NuGet. Please use the following command to install ImageSharp.Web.

Install ImageSharp.Webis via NuGet

 Install-Package SixLabors.ImageSharp.Web -Version VERSION_NUMBER

Resize Images Online in ASP.NET Apps

The ImageSharp.Web API allows software developers to change the size of their images with just a couple of lines of .NET code. To resize an image, first your need to download the image and load it into the memory. Once loaded the next step is to resize the image to create the output image. Once the resize process is completed you save the cropped image to the response stream and return it to the browser. Apart from the basic resizing operations, ImageSharp.Web also offers more advanced image processing features.

Crop & Resize Image via ASP.NET Library

    private Image CropImage(Image sourceImage, int sourceX, int sourceY, int sourceWidth, int sourceHeight, 

Reading & Writing Image Metadata

The Open Source library ImageSharp.Web has included capability for reading and writing metadata inside web applications. The metadata consists of a number of properties that are used to describe an image such as image creator, date of creation, description, caption, keywords, source and many more. The library has included several important features for working with metadata, such as accessing & loading metadata, reading metadata, writing metadata and so on.

Writing Image Metadata via .NET Library

        private static void WriteMetadata(Image image)
        if (image.Metadata.IptcProfile == null)
            image.Metadata.IptcProfile = new IptcProfile();

        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Name, "Pokemon");
        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Byline, "Thimo Pedersen");
        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Caption, "Classic Pokeball Toy on a bunch of Pokemon Cards. Zapdos, Ninetales and a Trainercard visible.");
        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Source, @"https://rb.gy/hgkqhy");
        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Keywords, "Pokemon");
        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Keywords, "Pokeball");
        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Keywords, "Cards");
        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Keywords, "Zapdos");
        image.Metadata.IptcProfile.SetValue(IptcTag.Keywords, "Ninetails");