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Open-Source Python API for Images

Image Nudity Detection with Free Python API

What is Nude.Py?

Nude.Py is an open-source Python API for detecting nudity in images. This API is a port of nude.js. It is an implementation of a nudity scanner based on approaches from research papers. Using the API, you can analyze image data and afterwards you can decide whether or not this image should be displayed.

The API is simple and easy to use, you can work the API using python 2.7 + or as well as python 3.3+. You can check the nudity in the images via command-line or by using python module.

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Getting Started with Nude.Py

The recommended way to install Nude.Py is via Pip. Please use the following command to install Pip.

Install Nude.Py via Pip

pip install --upgrade nudepy

Check Nudity in Images via Free Python API

Nude.Py API allows checking nudity in images programmatically. You can check for nudity in images by using two approaches, one by using command-line and the second by using a Python module. Using the command-line tool you need to write the command Nude.py with the filepath, using the python module, you can load a file using the Nude() module and parse it using Nude.Parse() method. It only requires one line of code to check for nudity in images using Nude.py.

Nudity Verification in Python

  1. Import Nude.Py Library
  2. Check Nudity

Check for Nudity in Images

import nude
from nude import Nude