Open Source Python API for Images

ctypes-based simple ImageMagick Binding for Python

Wand is an open source Python API for manipulating images. The API is a ctypes-based simple ImageMagick binding for Python. Using the API you can read images, write images, add image effects, add special effects, transform image, perform color enhancement, manage image distortion, handle drawing, read EXIF info manage layers and sequences and more,

Compared to other python binding for MagicWand, the wand offers pythonic and moderen interfaces, binding through ctypes and only C API, and easy installation through pip.

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Getting Started with Wand

The recommended way to install wand is via Pip. Please use the following command to install Pip.

pip install Wand

Read, Write & Resize Images via Free Python API

Wand API allows reading, writing, resizing & cropping images programatically. Usin the API, you open an existing image, read input stream, read a blob, open and empty image, open and pseudo image. While writing image you can convert images to JPEG, save it to a new file, save it to a stream and get binary output image. Furthermore, you can reszie, crop and tranform images easily.

Add Effects in Images via Python

This open-source python API wand allows addding effects in your images programatically. Using the API, you can blur images, use despeckle, edge, emboss, kuwahara, shade, sharpen and spread effects. Furthermore, you can special effects like add noise, blue shifts, charcoal, color matrix, colorize, FX and more.