Go API for Creating & Processing PDF Document

Go Library that gives software developers the ability to Import, Modify, Manipulate & Save PDF Documents.

The gopdf is an open Source Go library that has included functionality for working with PDF documents inside Go applications. The library helps developers to generate and modify PDF files with just a couple of lines of Go code. The library has included embedding of Unicode sub-font for popular languages like Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

The library is stable and easy to use. It has included several important features related to PDF creation and management such as print text, add and replace images, use links inside PDF, add a page to PDF, Draw a line, oval, or polygon to the PDF page, image or text rotation, set transparency for text, Font kerning, generate password-protected PDF files and much more.


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Getting Started with gopdf

The recommended way to install gopdf is by using GitHub. To install the gopdf on your system, please run the following command

Install gopdf via GitHub

go get https://github.com/signintech/gopdf.git

For the latest update please run the following command.

Generate PDF Files via Go Library

The open source gopdf library gives software developers the capability to create and modify PDF documents inside Go applications. DF is one of the leading file formats in use today that is widely used in the educational, legal, medical, small businesses, and IT industries. The PDF created with the library has several advantages over other leading file formats such as ease of creation, better security, portability, universal compatibility, reliability, and much more.

Inserting Images to PDF via Go

The gopdf library has included functionality for inserting images inside their PDF documents inside their own applications. You can also set the width, height, and place of your choice inside a PDF page. Once inserted, you can easily modify and replace it with any other supported image type using a couple of lines of GO code. You can use some of the popular image formats such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and many more

Import & Modify Existing PDF

The open source gopdf library enables software programmers to import an existing PDF document and make changes to it with ease using Go command. The DownloadFile function will download a file via URL to a local file. It is useful because it will not load the whole file and only specific page into the memory. Once you make the changes and satisfied you can save it again with ease.