Open Source Go Library for PDF Document Generation

Open Source Go API for Batch Processing and Scripting PDF Documents.

PDFCPU is and open source comprehensive PDF processing library written in Go. It is built for batch processing and scripting PDF documents via command line interface. Furhtermore, the API makes it simple to intergrate PDF documents in your applicaitons using GO. The API makes it simple to create and manipulated PDF doucments with wide range of command set.

Using the API, you can add attachments in to your PDF document, change owner and user password, encrypt & decrypt data. The API allows adding or removing pages from PDF document, you can rotate, trim, split and validate your PDF using the API as well. Furhtermore, the API allows adding keywords and optimizing PDF documents.


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Getting Started with PDFCPU

To install the PDFCPU on your system, please run the following command.

Install PDFCPU via GitHub

go get

Encrypt PDF via Command Based Free Go Library

PDFCPU is a command based PDF document manipulation API. The command based system allows manipulating large number of files efficiently. In order to encrypt PDF files the API provides the following commnd

pdfcpu encrypt [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-mode rc4|aes] [-key 40|128|256] [perm none|all] [-upw userpw] -opw ownerpw inFile [outFile]

Furhtermore, the API provides other document protection features including decryption, changing user password, changing owner password, listing & permission by using the following commands.

Convert Images to PDF via Free GO API

The open-source API PDFCPU allows converting images to PDF easily and fastly. In order to convert the images you just need to run the following command and output PDF document will be generated automatically.

pdfcpu import [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [description] outFile imageFile...

Convert Images to PDF via Free GO API

Using the API you can also add, remove or list PDF document properties. Adding a document property is pretty simple, you just need to write and add property command and input name of the property and value.

pdfcpu properties add  [-v(erbose)|vv] [-q(uiet)] [-upw userpw] [-opw ownerpw] inFile nameValuePair...

Similarly, you can remove specific PDF document properties by using the following command.