PDF File Format APIs

PDFjet for Java


Open Source Java Library for PDF Reporting

Create, Modify, Manipulate & Convert PDF Documents or Reports via Free Java Library in web or desktop applications.


PDFjet for Java is a programming library that enables universal reporting in your web or desktop application, without forcing your user to install special software. Virtually all personal and business users will be able to see your reports exactly the way that you designed them. The API makes the developer’s job easy by providing features for using one source code for drawing on a PDF. 

PDFjet for Java provides drawing support for Points, Lines, Boxes, Circles, Bezier Curves, Polygons, Stars, Complex paths and shapes. PDFjet is a programmer's library that you can incorporate into your web server or desktop based application.

Getting Started with PDFjet for Java

PDFjet for Java requires JDK v1.5 SE or higher. PDFjet for Java is compatible with the Google App Engine.

To install it please download the latest release files directly from GitHub repository.

Generate PDF Reports via Java

PDFjet for Java is an open source library provides features for PDF document creation and modification inside Java and Android applications.  After the creation of documents, developers can easily add pages as well as inserting graphics or text into it. It also allows programmers to modify the existing document according to their needs and save it with the name of their choice.

Embedding Images inside PDF Files

PDF file format is very handy and may allow you to include several kinds of content inside your documents.  PDF files can be containers for embedded images.  PDFjet for Java library provides support for adding images to your PDF files so you don’t need to go back and edit the original source file. Using the Image class you can easily embed different formats of images such as   PNG, JPEG, and BMP into your PDF documents.

Use Unicode Fonts in PDF

PDFjet for Java enables developers to embed Unicode fonts inside their PDF documents inside their own java applications. First, make sure to install the fonts in the font directory and after please make sure that the font license allows embedding. At the moment embedding of Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts are not supported.