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A Useful, Free to Use PDF Converter for HTML Presentations

Decktape is a helpful extension that can be used to convert HTML presentations into downloadable PDF file format.

HTML presentations are a great way of presenting business ideas or concepts with an innovative and responsive layout as compared to static Powerpoint presentations. However, many HTML presentations can’t be downloaded which makes them hard to keep for future use.

This is where Decktape steps in as an open-source, free to use PDF converter for HTML presentations that not only allows you to convert your HTML presentation through Google Chrome without the header of Chrome but also supports multiple frameworks.

From Bespoke.js, WebSlides, Slidy, Shower, DZSlides and more Decktape supports countless frameworks. However, it does have a generic command that can be used to convert presentations from virtually any network.

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Getting Started with Decktape

The recommend and easiest way to get started is va NPM, below is the command.

Install Decktape using bower

npm install -g decktape 

You can also install it manually; download the latest release files directly from GitHub repository.

Create Screenshots from PDF file via JavaScript Library

Decktape offers the functionality for taking screenshots from PDF documents inside JavaScript applications. With the Screenshots command, you can take screenshots of one or more slides, customize the screen resolution, size, and output directory as well. You can generate screenshots using the following command:

Using Automatic Command in Dectape JavaScript API

By using Automatic, Decktape iterates over multiple available plugins that are available and finds one that is the most compatible for the presentation in the given URL. It then uses that plugin to export the presentation and convert it into a PDF format.

Using Generic Command in Dectape API

With the help of the Generic command you can emulate the end user interaction and iterate over the presentation till the number of slides exported reaches the specified --max slides option..