JavaScript API for PPTX Presentations Online

Open Source Free Library to Create & Modify MS PowerPoint PPTX Presentations in Web Apps.


PptxGenJS is an Open Source JavaScript library that enables software programmers to easily create PowerPoint presentations inside their own JavaScript apps without any external decencies. It is very easy to use and generates presentation with just a few simple JavaScript commands in client web browsers or Node desktop apps.

The great thing about the API is that it creates and downloads presentations on all popular web browsers such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox and IE11. The API fully supports several important features such as create and modify slides, add charts to slides, add images, add media files, insert shapes & tables as well as Text to slides. It supports Master Slides and templates. It is fully compatible with Node, Angular, Electron and other application frameworks.

Getting Started with PptxGenJS

You can download the latest release from GitHub.

Install via git

<!-- Bundle: Easiest to use, supports all browsers -->
<script src="PptxGenJS/libs/pptxgen.bundle.js"></script>

Install via npm

npm install pptxgenjs
var pptx = require("pptxgenjs");

Install via yarn

 yarn install pptxgenjs  

PowerPoint PPTX Presentation Creation via JavaScript API

PptxGenJS Open Source library provides features for creating new PowerPoint PPTX presentations with a few lines of code inside web browsers or Node desktop apps. Once the presentation is created you can add a new slide to the presentation. It is also very easy to add any objects to the Slide such as charts, tables, shapes, images, etc. Once done you can save your PPTX Presentation by assigning a name of your choice.

Add Images & Charts a PPTX Slide

Images and charts bring great value to a presentation.  Software programmers can easily add images and charts into a presentation Slide with the help of PptxGenJS API. There are several options available for image addition such as add image by local URL, image from remote URL, image by data (pre-encoded base64) and Image with Hyperlink, etc. It also supports cropping and scaling an image.

Convert HTML to PowerPoint using JavaScript

The PptxGenJS Open Source API enables developers to convert HTML to PowerPoint PPTX Presentation inside their own JavaScript applications. You can Reproduces your HTML table into one or more slides. It also provides support for cell styling which includes background colors, padding, fonts, borders, etc. First, you need to design a Master Slide that contains your logos, slide layout, margins, etc. After that, it is very easy to create advanced presentations with a single line of code.