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JavaScript API to Create Web Presentations

Open Source JavaScript Library to create fully customizable web presentations with minimum effort, adding images or videos, Slide and Fade transition effects.

A presentation is a very useful tool of communication that can be used to inform, educate, or motivate audiences. Presentations can be used on different occasions such as talking to a group, addressing a meeting, or briefing a team. The PRESENTA Lib is an open source advanced presentation library that gives software developers the power to generate communicative presentations within a couple of minutes.

PRESENTA Lib is a feature-rich presentation library to create fully customizable web presentations with less time and minimum effort. The library has included support for several important features related to presentation management, such as inserting text, adding images to slides, inserting videos, PDF support, Keyboard accessibility, Slide, and Fade transition effects, using Image or Video as a pre-loader, predefined color schemes support, full-screen mode support, add presentation slides and much more.

The PRESENTA Lib API is very user-friendly and allows developers to customize the appearance of the presentations. You can also easily enable or disable controllers inside your presentation as per your need such as showing or hide black screen, running the presentation in full screen and enabling auto-play.

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Getting Started with PRESENTA Lib

The recommended way to install PRESENTA Lib is by using NPM. Please use the following command for a complete installation. 

Install PRESENTA Lib using NPM

 $npm run build 

Generate Presentation for Web via JavaScript API

The open source JavaScript library PRESENTA Lib enables software developers the ability to create web presentations using JavaScript code. The library has included several important features for working with presentations such as adding content, images, and videos inside a slide, moving slide position, deleting unwanted content from slides, adding custom background to the presentation, and so on.

Enable or Disable Controllers in Presentations

The open source JavaScript library PRESENTA Lib enables software developers to enable or disable controllers inside their own JavaScript presentation. There are different kinds of presentations available that can be used such as keyboard navigation, displaying or hiding black screen in presentations, hiding a particular scene in the presentation, enabling auto-play, showing a progress bar, showing slide numbering, setting the start slide, and so on.

Use Custom Videos in Presentation

Adding videos inside presentation are always brings more value to it and makes your presentations engaging. Using videos in presentations always helps your message to be remembered by your audience. The PRESENTA Lib has included complete support for adding videos inside your presentation using a couple of JavaScript commands. You can easily update or delete the video from your presentations.