JavaScript Library to Process Web Presentations

Open Source JavaScript API to create & manage powerful PowerPoint-like web presentations and Export them to PDF using JavaScript code.

The reveal.js is an open source powerful framework that gives JavaScript software developers the ability to create and manage powerful PowerPoint-like web presentations using JavaScript commands. The presentations are built on open web technologies and users can incorporate all the modern techniques in their presentations used on the web.

The reveal.js API has provided support for running multiple presentations in parallel on the same webpage and also encompassing the library as an ES module. I have also included support for watching presentations in full-screen mode. It also enables you to add custom key bindings or remove them using Javascript commands.

The library is very features rich and has included several important features related to presentation creation and management such as adding new slides, nested slides support, adding animations to slides, exporting to PDF, inserting comments and notes, LaTeX support, running multiple presentations, adding media elements likes audio or video, syntax-highlighted code, hide slides, auto animate, auto slides, Auto-progression and so on.

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Getting Started with reveal.js

The recommended way to install reveal.js is using GitHub. Please use the following command for a complete installation. 

Install reveal.js via GitHub

$ git clone

Web Presentation Creation via JavaScript API

The open source reveal.js library gives software programmers the ability to programmatically generate the most spectacular web presentation with just a couple of lines of JavaScript code. It also has included several important functions for working with presentations such as adding new slides to presentations, adding animation to presentations, full-screen mode support, auto-slide support, exporting presentations to PDF, adding slide numbers, adding images to presentations,s and much more.

Export Presentation to PDF

The free reveal.js library makes it easy for software developers to export presentations to PDF file formats inside their own JavaScript applications. First, you need to open the presentation with print-pdf and open in-browser print dialogue. After that change the destination setting with Save as PDF and save some other options. You can also include speaker notes, page numbers, and page size while exporting to PDF.

Automatic Slide Animation via JavaScript

The reveal.js library has provided functionality for applying automatic slide animation features using JavaScript commands. Users need to apply the functionality on two adjacent slide elements and it will automatically apply animations to the elements of the slides. The library uses CSS properties for animation purposes and can easily change things like position, padding, margins, color, font size, and so on.

Add Vertical Slides to Presentations

The open source reveal.js library allows software developers to stack slides within atop level slides inside with ease. By default, it uses horizontal sliding transition which is considered to be the top-level slides. The library has provided a great feature for grouping alike content by nesting multiple slides within the main slide to create a vertical stack. While delivering your presentation the up and down arrows can be used to view vertical slides. It is also possible to skip them by pressing the right or left arrow.