JavaScript Library for Creating HTML Presentations

Open Source API to Create, Read & Edit HTML Presentation, Landings, & Long-forms in JavaScript applications.

WebSlides is an Open Source library that provides the easiest way to make HTML presentations and long-forms. It is a small and compact library with a nice set of ready-to-use components, which developers can use to build professional and good-looking web presentations. It makes HTML presentations easy, the code is clean, scalable, and well documented.

Presentations are one of the best ways to show information to the viewers. There are some amazing tools out there that help to create attractive presentations. WebSlides works better, faster and uses intuitive markup with popular naming conventions. The API helps to create beautiful HTML & CSS presentations in a very easy way.

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Getting Started with WebSlides

Simply choose a demo and customize it in seconds. Download the latest version.

The download contains demos and images (devices and logos). All content is for demo purposes only. Images are the property of their respective owners.

Create Web Presentation via JavaScript API

WebSlides library allows creating a web Presentation with some simple HTML and CSS commands inside a web browser. You can easily add individual slides according to your own needs. You can easily add separate titles and contents inside each slide. You can apply a background of your choice and can also align the slide content according to your needs.

Add Images to HTML Presentation

Attractive Images always bring great value to presentations. WebSlides library gives Software professionals to effortlessly add photos and images into their HTML presentation Slide with ease and just a few lines of code. It gives options for adding images to the background top, bottom, left, or right. There are total 15 different positions where developers can easily insert images. online demos are provided for developers to modify according to their own needs.

Add Videos to HTML Presentation

WebSlides library gives Software developers to easily embed videos into their HTML presentations with very ease. It just requires a couple of commands to perform this task. WebSlides is a charming solution for making HTML presentations and mainly focuses on the features that have to do with the sliding and presentation itself.