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Open Source PHP Library for Converting Microsoft® Presentation Files

Convert Microsoft Presentation Documents to PDF via Free PHP API 

What is Gotenberg PHP Client?

The open-source API Gotenberg PHP Client allows PHP developers to convert Microsoft Presentations to PDF inside their own application. This is a simple, yet powerful feature to include in your application. You can not only convert your PPT and PPTX to PDF but can also merge one or more documents into a single PDF. The API is simple and lightweight and can be easily integrated into your applications.

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Getting Started with Gotenberg PHP client

The recommended way Gotenberg PHP Client into your project is by using composer. Please use the following command for a smooth installation.

Install Gotenberg PHP Client via Composer

$ composer require thecodingmachine/gotenberg-php-client

Convert PPTX to PDF via Free PHP API

The free API Gotenberg PHP client allows PHP developers to convert PPT & PPTX documents into PDF inside their own applications. To merge and convert your PPTX to PDF, you just need to load your document and convert it using OfficeRequest() method. The following code snippet shows how to convert PPTX to PDF in PHP.

Free API to Convert PPTX to PDF in PHP

  1. Load PPTX file using DocumentFactory::makeFromPath() method and pass filename and file path as parameters
  2. Convert PPTX to PDF using OfficeRequest() method and pass file objects as parameter
  3. Save PDF document

Convert PPTX to PDF via Free PHP API

$client = new Client('http://localhost:3000', new \Http\Adapter\Guzzle6\Client());
$file = [
    DocumentFactory::makeFromPath('document.pptx', '/path/to/file')
$request = new OfficeRequest($file);
$dest = 'fileformat.pdf';
$client->store($request, $dest);