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Open Source PHP API for Microsoft® PowerPoint Files

 Generate, Modify & Convert PPTX or ODP Presentation Files via Free PHP Library.

What is PHPPowerPoint?

PHPPowerPoint is an open source PHP library that gives software developers the capability to read and write popular presentation file formats like PPTX and ODP. It provides support for setting presentation Metadata such as author, title, description, etc. It also supports different formatting, styles, fills, and gradients. You can also use different printing options such as header, footer, page margins, paper size, orientation, etc.

PHPPowerPoint provides support for several important features such as Set presentation metadata, adding slides, fonts and font styles support, various formatting & styles support, adding hyperlinks and rich-text strings, adding images, setting printing options, and more.

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Getting Started with PHPPowerPoint

To install and use PHPPowerPoint, copy the contents of the Classes folder and include PHPPowerPoint.php somewhere in your code like below.

Include Code in PHPPowerPoint.php

 include_once '/path/to/Classes/PHPPowerPoint.php'; 

After that, you can use the library by creating a new instance of the class.

Generate & Modify PPTX Presentations via PHP API

PHPPowerPoint library enables software developers to create a new PowerPoint presentation file inside their own PHP applications. Developers can set properties like the creator, setting title or subject, setting description, etc. Developers can also add a new slide, remove an existing slide, create a template slide, insert an image or shape to a slide, and more using open source PHP API.

Create PPTX in PHP

  1. Initialize PHPPowerPoint
  2. Create a new slide
  3. Add text shape

Create PowerPoint Slide in PHP

$phpPowerPoint = new PHPPowerPoint();
// create new slide
$slide = $phpPowerPoint->createSlide();
// add text shape
$shape = $slide->createRichTextShape();

Add Shapes to PowerPoint Presentations

Software developers can easily add shapes into PPTX presentations using Open source PHP library PHPPowerPoint. Shapes are objects that can be included in a presentation slide. There are several types of shapes that can be used inside presentations, such as rich text, line, chart, drawing, table, etc.

Add Chart to PPTX Presentations via PHP

PHPPowerPoint allows developers to add charts and images to a PowerPoint presentation. The library provides support for bar, pie, line, or scatter charts. To insert a chart, first of all, you need to add a slide and then generate sample data for the chart. After that, you can create a chart that should be inserted in a shape.