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Free Ruby Library for Working with Microsoft® PowerPoint Files

Open Source Ruby API to to Create, Edit, View & Convert Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPTX Presentations

PowerPoint presentations have become an integral part of our businesses as well as academic life. It helps professionals to deliver information in a visually engaging and dynamic way to their presenters. However, creating a professional-looking presentation from scratch can be very time-consuming and requires a lot of design skills. PowerPoint Ruby gem is very is a powerful tool that makes your jobs easy by helping you to create and manipulate PowerPoint presentations programmatically, with just a few lines of code.

The 'powerpoint' Ruby gem is a very powerful Ruby library that enables software developers to create and edit PowerPoint presentations inside their own applications using the Ruby programming language. The gem is built on top of the Microsoft Office Open XML File Format, which is an open standard for storing and manipulating office documents. The library has provided various functions for creating PowerPoint presentations such as generate presentations from data stored in a database or a spreadsheet, or dynamically create presentations based on user input.

The 'powerpoint' Ruby gem is very easy to handle and makes it easy for software developers to automate the creation of PowerPoint presentations. The library gives users full control over the design and formatting of their presentations. It supports features like customize presentation layout, adding multimedia elements (images, videos, audio) to presentations, inset new slides, mange color scheme, customize font and size of the text, and many more. The library is open source and free to use, which makes it accessible to anyone who wants to use it in their projects. If you're looking for a way to streamline your PowerPoint presentation workflow, the PowerPoint Ruby gem is definitely worth checking out.

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Getting Started with 'powerpoint'

The recommend way to install PowerPoint Ruby library is using Ruby gem. Please use the following command for a smooth installation.

Install 'powerpoint' via Ruby gem

gem install powerpoint 

Create PowerPoint Presentation via Ruby API

PowerPoint Ruby gem has included complete functionality for creating and editing Microsoft PowerPoint presentations inside Ruby applications. There are several important features part of the library that helps software developers to handle their presentations, such as adding table slides to presentation, specifying layout and title of the slide, inserting images to slides, adding text to the slides, deleting unwanted slides, applying styles and formatting and many more. The following example demonstrates how to create a PowerPoint presentation with basic data using Ruby commands.

Create PowerPoint Presentation via Ruby API

require 'powerpoint'

ppt = Powerpoint::Presentation.new

title_slide = ppt.add_slide(Powerpoint::TitleSlideLayout.new, 'Title')
content_slide = ppt.add_slide(Powerpoint::ContentSlideLayout.new, 'Content')
title_slide.add_title('My Presentation')
content_slide.add_text('This is the content of my presentation.')

Add and Manage Presentation’s Slides via Ruby API

The open source Ruby library ‘PowerPoint’ gives software developers complete control over adding and customizing slides inside their own Ruby applications. The library has included several important features for working with presentation’s slides, such as insert new slides to existing presentations, add image slide with text content, delete unwanted slides from the presentations, get the number of slides in the presentation, get a specific slide from a presentation, and many more. The following example demonstrates how to add a new slide to presentation and inserting an image to the slide using Ruby commands.

Add New Slides to Presentations inside Ruby Apps

require 'powerpoint'

presentation = Powerpoint::Presentation.new

# add a new slide to the presentation

slide = presentation.add_slide(Powerpoint::SlideLayout::TITLE_AND_CONTENT)
textbox = slide.add_textbox(left: 100, top: 100, width: 400, height: 200)
textbox.text = "Hello, World!"

# add an image to a slide,
slide.add_picture("image.jpg", left: 100, top: 100, width: 400, height: 200)

# Save Presentation

presentation = Powerpoint::Presentation.open("my_presentation.pptx")