Open Source Go Library for Creating Excel XLSX Files

Read, Write, Edit Microsoft Excel XLSX documents via Open Source Go API. Add multiple charts, images, and tables inside your spreadsheets.

Unioffice is an open source pure go library that gives software developers the capability to generate, modify, and manipulate Office Excel XLSX documents inside their own Go applications. The library is stable and provides the highest degree of productivity with little effort and cost.

The open source unioffice library fully supports several important features related to Excel spreadsheet creation and modifications, such as create new Excel sheet from the scratch, creating cells with various number/date/time formats, Excel Cell formatting, Cell validation support, Retrieve cell values as formatted by Excel, conditional formatting, Merge and unmerge cells, data validation including combo box dropdowns, Embedded Images and much more.

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Getting Started with unioffice

The recommended way to unioffice into your project is by using Github. Please use the following command for a smooth installation.

Install unioffice via GitHub

go get
go build -i 

Excel XLSX Creation via Go API

The Open source library unioffice allows computer programmers to create an Excel XLSX spreadsheet inside their own Go applications. It gives you the capability to add new sheet to your existing Excel documents and assign name to a sheet and save the file to the path of your choice. It also provides support for several important features such as add new rows and columns to a sheet, define the number of rows and columns, set the default value of a cell, and more. You can also open and modify the existing spreadsheet with ease.

Add Multiple Charts to an Excel XLSX File

The unioffice library has provided support for adding charts to an Excel spreadsheet with just a couple of lines of code. You can create charts based on the available data in your worksheet as well as without the availability of any data at all. Charts give you the capability to visually display data in different formats such as Bar, Column, Pie, Line, Area or Radar, etc. Developers can easily select from the available chart options and can control its values.

Insert Images to XLSX Spreadsheets

The unioffice library fully supports the inclusion of images into XLSX Spreadsheets with just a couple of lines of Go code. It supports modifying images as well as deleting existing images inside an XLSX worksheet. It also provides options to insert a picture and set its properties like size, position, etc. as well as with printing support.

Apply Conditional Formatting on Spreadsheet’s Cells

Conditional Formatting is a useful feature that helps Excel users to apply a format to a cell or a range of cells based on certain criteria. The unioffice library has provided functionality that enables software developers to apply conditional formatting to their spreadsheet with just a couple of Go commands. The library supports conditionally formatting cells, styling, gradients, icons, data bar & more to come.