Go API for Handling Microsoft Excel XLSX Spreadsheets

Pure Go Library that supports MS Excel XLSX Spreadsheet creation, formatting, and manipulation with ease via Open Source Go API.

Xlsx2Go is open source pure go library that provides a easy way to work with Microsoft Excel XLSX spreadsheets using Go language commands. The library is stable and can perform speedy operations and gives a reliable way to work with the XLSX spreadsheet using Golang. With just a couple of lines of code, you can manage several operations related to spreadsheet creation, formatting, and manipulation.

The Xlsx2Go library supports several important features related to Excel spreadsheet processing, such as make a new spreadsheet, open, modify or delete an existing spreadsheet file, add new Excel sheet to a workbook, add new cells, format Excel cell, validate cells data, conditional formatting support, worksheet cells Merging and unmerging, embedded Images and photos, copy worksheets, copy rows or columns, and much more.

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Getting Started with Xlsx2Go

The recommended way to install Xlsx2Go into your project is by using GitHub. Please use the following command for a smooth installation.

Install Xlsx2Go via GitHub

go get https://github.com/LucienLS/xlsx2go.git

Generate XLSX Spreadsheet via Go API

The Open source library Xlsx2Go allows computer programmers to generate an Excel XLSX spreadsheet inside their own apps using Go commands. You can also easily open, modify, or delete an existing spreadsheet. You can also use several important features such as inserting new rows and columns to a sheet, setting the default value of a cell, apply formatting to a range of cells, and more.

Manage Cells and Rows in Excel Worksheet

The Free library Xlsx2Go has included several important features related to Cells and rows management inside Excel spreadsheets. You can easily insert new rows and cells, merge rows and cells, add a comment to an Excel cell, get all cells in a row, new cell creation, select a range of cells, apply styles to a range of cells, add a hyperlink to a cell, set time and date in a cell, and many more.

Append Rows, Columns, and Sheets in a Worksheet

Sometimes a user or an organization has multiple worksheets with similar structure (rows and columns), and he wants to merge the information into one large worksheet. The append feature helps developers to add one worksheet or multiple worksheets to an existing one, or combining all into one new worksheet. The Xlsx2Go library has provided functionality for programmatically append worksheet columns, rows as well as sheets with ease.

Manage Spreadsheet Formatting

The Free library Xlsx2Go enables software developers to add styles for formatting their spreadsheet using Go commands. Developers can easily create a new format to set font styles, font color, background color, and much more. You can set formatting for a range of cells as well as the whole worksheet. You can also set default formatting for the row as well as a column with ease. You can easily add images and photos to a worksheet