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Free JavaScript Library for Excel XLSX File Format

Open Source JavaScript API allows to read and write spreadsheet files, add new cells, insert new rows, merge cells and rows, toTable, from Table, and so on.

The Better-xlsx library helps software programmer to create their own application for working with Excel XLSX file format. It is a very simple light-weight pure JavaScript library that enables developers to handle complex spreadsheet operations with ease. The library is very flexible and enables users to create their own custom functions and use them. The library may lack functionality but best known for its simplicity and better performance.

There are several important features related to Excel spreadsheet creation as well as manipulation are part of the library, such as accessing and reading XLSX files, writing spreadsheet file, cell and row management, adding new cells, inserting new rows, merging cells and rows, alignment of style, toTable, from Table, applying background color, adding new sheet, cell border, cell fill background and many more.

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Getting Started with Better-xlsx

The recommended way to install Better-xlsx, is using npm, please use the following script for a smooth installation.

Install Better-xlsx via npm

$ npm install better-xlsx  

You can download the compiled shared library from GitHub repository and install it.

Excel XLSX Spreadsheet Creation via JavaScript

The open source JavaScript library Better-xlsx helps software developers to generate Microsoft Excel XLSX compatible spreadsheets using JavaScript code. The library supports features likes creating a new workbook from scratch, adding sheets to a worksheet, inserting contents to the sheet, applying formatting to it, inserting new rows or columns, adding text or images, and many more.

Manage Rows & Columns in XLSX Worksheet

The Better-xlsx library has provided useful functionality for managing rows and columns in a worksheet using JavaScript code. The library supports several important functions for handling rows and columns such as adding new rows and columns, set the height of the row, get content in a row or column, applying styles to a column, fill row or column of sheet, set column width, and so on.

Cell Formatting & Management in Excel Workbook

The open source JavaScript library Better-xlsx gives software developers the power to handle cell formatting and its management inside their own JavaScript apps. The library supports applying multiple styles to Excel cells with just a couple of lines of code. It also included several features related to cells such as create new cells, merge cells, hide cells, get the cell style, vertical merging with other cells, get the cell value, set cell formula, set cell values with Number type,s and many more.