Open Source .NET Library for Reading Excel Spreadsheets

ExcelDataReader allows you read Microsoft Excel file formats using C#.

ExcelDataReader is an open source lightweight API written in C# for reading Microsoft Excel Files. Using the API you can read Microsoft XLS, XLSX, and CSV easily. The API supports older versions of XLS files back to Excel 2.0, supports text dates, cached formula values and empty sheet paths in XLSX.

Furthermore, the API supports fallback encoding in XLS and more flexible column name handling in Datasets. It is easy to configure and is available on NuGet.

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Getting Started with ExcelDataReader

The recommended way to install ExcelDataReader is from Nuget, Please use the following command for fasters installation.

Install ExcelDataReader from NuGet

 Install-Package ExcelDataReader -Version 3.6.0

Read Excel Files via .NET API

ExcelDataReader allows C# .NET developers to read Microsoft Excel Files easily and efficiently. The AsDataSet() extension method is a convenient helper for quickly getting the data. IExcelDataReader extends the System.Data.IDataReader and IDataRecord interfaces to navigate and retrieve data at a lower level.

Read Protected Workbooks

The open source .NET API ExcelDataReader also allows you to read password protected Microsoft Excel documents.You can read password protected file using setting password in ExcelReaderConfiguration configuration and opening it using CreateOpenXmlReader() method.