Open Source .NET Library for Processing Excel Spreadsheets  

Provides Fast Excel XLSX Spreadsheets Reading, Writing & Manipulation via Free .NET Library.


An Open source FastExcel C# .NET library provides functionality for speedy reading and writing of Excel XLSX spreadsheet. The good thing is that the API has small memory footprint while running. The Open XML SDK is not used at all for interacting with the data. It goes directly for editing the underlying xml files.

The main aim of the project is to provide a light weight fast way of interacting with data in Excel with basic functionality. A great effort has been made to make it faster. .NET developers can easily use several important features inside their own applications, such as reading and writing Excel files, cell ranges, manage tables, managing rows, insert texts, add images, add new sheets and many more. 

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Getting Started with FastExcel

The recommended way to install FastExcel  is from Nuget, Please use the following command for fasters installation.

Install FastExcel  from NuGet

 Install-Package FastExcel -Version 3.0.6

Generate Spreadsheet Files via .NET API

FastExcel gives C# .NET programmers the competency to generate an Excel spreadsheet inside their own .NET applications. You can easily define how many rows and columns you want keep inside the sheet. It also requires to assign name to a sheet. Developers can set font type and text size for a created sheet.

Rows and Cell Management in Excel Worksheet

The open source .NET API FastExcel support features for managing cells and rows inside Excel spreadsheets. It allows to developers to create new rows, merge a row to the next row, get all cells in this row, create a new cell, select a range of cells, select value from a cell, the worksheet that this cell is on and many more.

Comments Addition to Excel Cell

FastExcel API facilitates .NET developers to add and modify comments to Excel Cell. It is very beneficial to insert comments for reminders & notes for others subject. The API supports features like adding a comment, moving comment box, display or hide comments, deleting a comment, comment formatting etc.